Hello there!

I’m Crystal and I’m on a blogging journey.

For this newborn site—The Struggling Techie— I’m going to focus on anything and everything about technology that I’ve handled myself—plus those that have caught my attention.

I’m excited about this new site as it highlights my little techie side. I’m not an expert yet, but I’ve got a few things handled and would like to share them with you.

Along with this site, I run my main website called The Struggling Christian. If you personally know me, you probably have learned about that site already.

Anyway, my interests are quite wide and varied, so I needed to add specific subdomains to my main site (https://crystallasta.com). That way, I could talk about one thing on one site and another on, obviously the others.

Well, I do hope you will stay with me on this blogging journey. I’m launching this site with just one blog post or two, but from then on, I’m blogging and blogging about what I’d continue to learn about.

Let’s just take it bit by bit.

Expect to see further announcements on other sites in the future!

Meanwhile, you may want to subscribe to this blog to get the most recent updates and even exclusive promos!

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